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Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm Definitely Going to Sew Today

This is me.
I guess I've been kind of busy lately. Work has gotten back to normal, so no time to post there. On Friday night I took Kate shopping. She had a semi- formal dance the very next day and needed shoes. Plus, she goes on a cruise every year with the ARC in February, so, she needed some things for that. I think I have figured out that now is a good time to get a bathing suit. The selection is small, I guess aimed at those who do go on cruises, but they are hardly touched. In June, the whole bathing suit section is trashed and you are lucky to by able to find a top and bottom that go together.
We have  decided that Valentine's day would be a good excuse to have a party this year.  I've started making little hearts from glittery red felt and hanging them from the ceiling. I added a few beads to the bottom of each one to add some weight. Our dining room doesn't actually have a ceiling right now. When we moved in there was a drop ceiling, you know, like in an office. It was dreadful. One day, Joe and I drank a lot of wine and decided to start ripping it all down. There was half the original plaster ceiling left up there, with the other half taken down to make room for pipes that were installed when the bathroom was renovated at some point. We eventually took down the rest of the plaster ceiling (What a disgusting job that was, ancient mouse nest falling on our heads!) so now we just have beams. I don't consider it permanent, but I can tolerate it this way more than that drop ceiling. Someday we will put up a tin ceiling, but Joe wants to wait until he renovates the bathroom. He is going to redo the pipes so that they don't hang under the ceiling joists anymore. The question of course is, when will all this take place. Answer: Not last year. Not this year, either. So, I have done a number of things to jazz up the ceiling, namely string white Christmas lights up there, hang glittery stars, and now glittery hearts. It's supposed to dazzle you to distraction.

But, I'm definitely going to sew today. I don't think I picked up a needle once this week. Here I go. As soon as I do some wash. And the dishes.