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Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm a Techno-Dope

It would appear that someone is following my blog, and, someone else has made a comment. I find that amazing. How did you all find me?

I started a blog because it is supposed to be a good idea to promote your Etsy site. I have kept a journal for years, so it does kind of come naturally for me to do this. But I can see how it is way more than just a tool. I'm excited about being able to connect with other people like myself. This would all be a lot easier for me if I wasn't such a techno-dope!

I actually bought a book, blogging for dummies. I figured it would save me a certain amount of grief. In that book, they recommend drafting your posts out in word and then just copying and pasting them before you publish. I did that, and I find it pastes under the window where you would normally write a post. I ended up re-typing the whole thing anyway! I am really loathe to take the time to find out what I am doing wrong. I just wanna sew.

The other thing I have done is signed up for some kind of Google thing that can track how many views the blog gets. I was OK, following the instructions, until they asked me to copy and paste some code... into something. It was very unclear. I need it to be made very obvious, or else I immediately lose interest. Which I have. When I go back to work tomorrow, maybe I can get one of those nice young tech geeks to help me figure it out.
UPDATE: I figured it out! (by myself) And the thing works. I've had three views today.


Marty's Fiber Musings said...

As soon as you get that "how to info" from your tech geek, please pass it on to me. I am very new at blogging....I saw your Etsy shop....and saw that you were a blogger too. I have struggled practically all day to get the Adsense installed. Finally got the blogspot one done (but now if I get any ads, they get part of the profit.) I have yet to figure out how to put multiple pics on the same blog. So much to learn, so little time.

frenchtown said...

I haven't done the adsense thing. I did manage to solve my own issue. They were telling me to copy and paste some code into the code on my page. They said to paste it before *body* tag. Well, I could not find *body* tag any where. Then I realized that *body* is a TAG. SO I pasted the code in front of *body* which i could find, and I'll be damned, it works. Good luck with this. It really is such a pain to have to learn this stuff, but there is no other way.