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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Strings: Continued

I've finished phase 1 of the string experiment. I have now basted all of the strings to the base fabric. I worked on this for hours Saturday. I sat on the couch in front of the TV and watched/listened to an art documentary called Art City. I watched part one of this documentary months ago, and I have this weird feeling of deja vu, because this weekend, just like the last time I watched Art City, I went to the Michener Museum. I'll post about that soon.

So anyway, I love working in front of a documentary. Hearing the artists speak of their work sort of soothes me, and urges me on. Part of it is  because it is interesting to hear what they have to say, but part of it is because half the time they are so full of shit it is funny. 
My thought is, if these people are legitimate artists, then I certainly am. It's 
liberating for me to think that at this point in my life, there is little or no chance to make it as an artist in a commercially successful sense, so I can and should do what ever I want.

Back to the experiment, I have started securing the edges of all the strings with different stitches on my sewing machine. It's kind of a cheesy crazy-quilt-style thing. Every now and then I change the spool of thread and get a different color, keeping to the red-pink scheme. I really enjoy working in such a way that I need to "problem solve" as I go along. I place colors and shapes randomly, and the I need to figure out how to fill the remaining spaces. I think that's fun.

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