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Friday, May 8, 2009

Mixed Media Textile Surfaces

My 3-day class at Peter's Valley is just 15 days away and I have received the materials list. It is extensive. I think I will just pack up everything I own and be done with it! The teacher, Barbara Schulman, is asking for a lot of things you would expect, like sewing needles, floss, pins, embroidery hoop, a sewing machine, "if it is a basic tool for you."  But she is also asking for black and white laser copies and gel medium. Apparently we will be transferring images! Also, every imaginable type of fabric, including industrial fabrics, like nylon window screen, which I did not think of that way. She is also asking for "found textiles" and I sure do have that in spades. It may be a chance to use all the things I have been collecting.

I'm pretty excited. I need a vacation from my life, which has been off the charts busy for a couple of months now.  This morning I went out to the front yard in my pajamas and did some weeding for a half hour before I went to work. The garden was so pretty, but it has rained for a whole week and now it is a weed-choked mess! I'll wrangle it back into shape soon.

Tuesday was the final class of Art Club. That went really well. I had the collages at work today so I could make little title cards, and also to wrap them up to give them to Patti, the recreation director. She wants to hang them at the main office. Anyway, all of my graphic artist colleagues really enjoyed seeing the art.

Tomorrow We have to be up bright and early to go to the Princeton Museum with the ARC. More soon...

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