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Friday, May 22, 2009

Supply List

Supply List for Mixed Media Textile Surfaces Workshop

We will use hand or machine stiching as needed. You may use one or both. I emphasize experimentation, so feel free to bring materials you have never worked with that you find interesting. With all materials, bring more than you think you will need because we will start with quick experiments and work our way toward a completed work.

Bring the following:
A collection of images to transfer
  • Black and white laser photocopies (From photographs, your art work, or magazine pictures; look for imagery you consider to be interesting, rather than generic)
  • Magazines, such as National Geographic or Smithsonian
  • a yard of pre-washed 100% cotton fabric
  • a jar of Golden Gel Medium
  • Optional: sewing machine if it is a basic tool for you, plus an assortment of thread
  • embroidery floss for hand stitchingsewing needles, assorted sizes
  • Scissors
  • fabric glue
  • straight pins
  • embroidery hoop
  • Sketchbook
  • pens and pencils for sketching
  • 2" foam brushes, and paintbrushes, assorted sizes
  • a few jars of textile paints
  • Apron or work shirt

  1. A collection of fabric (bring some from every catagory, a few yards of each)

thin fabric, such as cheese cloth, nylon, lace

medium and heavier fabrics, such as cotton, linen, canvas, burlap

industrial "fabric" such as naylon window screen and woven plastic

  • "found" textiles, such as old pieces from your family or from a flea market, upholstery or others, such as clothing that may have sentimental value, all should be suitable for cutting up and redeveloping, such as paintings on canvas or photographs.

you may also bring needlework, weavings, hand made felt, or found objects in any textile mediums to deconstruct/construct into collages. (this is a good time to clean out your art/textile/sewing supplies and bring them with you)

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