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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Housing for Kate: Update

Remember my post where I had just come back from a DDD meeting, full of trepidation at the bleak housing prospects for my daughter's future? I've had some conversations since then and she and I are feeling much better.

During one of the Art Club sessions, I was speaking to the ARC staff members and I brought up what I had heard at the DDD meeting. They looked at me funny and named 8 people off the top of their heads that had gotten housing since September, and their parents were still alive! You may recall that I heard that placement usually did not occur until the care giver had died and then it was an emergency and housing choices would be less that desirable. I also spoke with someone at an agency that is helping Kate get a job who seemed very knowledgable and pretty much said the same thing. She suggested calling DDD and speaking to Kate's case manager to find out what her place is on the waiting list and generally making ourselves known. This takes such a weight off of us. I don't understand why they made the situation sound so dire at that meeting.

In other news. I am just trying to get ready for my class, Mixed Media Textile Surfaces, which is this weekend! I'm leaving at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning. I think it is about a 2-hour drive, the class starts at 9 am. I will live there for 3 days, just learning and sewing and making art. I've been going over the materials list and trying to figure out what is best to bring. The fabric is where the decision-making is. The instructor recommends bringing certain types of fabric, but there is a lot in my stash beyond that. Should I just bring it all? What if I suddenly want something that I know I have... back home? Improvise, I suppose. I am going to bring my laptop along. Maybe it will be possible to post from there.

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