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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Views of Frenchtown

Some mornings, when I feel like it, and it isn't raining, I take a walk. Usually Joe comes along. Today I took my camera. We do a loop around town, which is maybe a mile and a quarter. This is my exercise for the day. I guess it's better than nothing.

We always walk up on the bridge and stop for a few minutes. Soon we will see turtles or big carp in the water. Sometimes we see interesting birds. We see great blue herons a lot. Once we saw a green heron. There a lots of swallows that nest under the bridge, but they come out in the evening. Sometimes we ride our bikes over the bridge to Pennsylvania. We like riding along to towpath there. This morning it was so foggy in Frenchtown we could not see much of anything.

These buildings in the second picture are on Race street. The one house is so crooked. I don't really understand how it could get that way when the buildings around it are straight. Charming though. Too bad we are getting some empty stores around town. The economy is at least partly to blame. I think these gifty-style stores struggle anyway. I know that I rarely buy anything in those stores.

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