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Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Heart

I have mixed feelings when my husband decides to go off on a motorcycle ride. I like hanging around with him, so I miss him when he is gone, but on the other hand, I get so much done when he is not around!

But, now there is a new twist, he's been bringing me back little hearts when he goes away! I put this wooden one on top of a laser print before I took the picture. It looks like a burst.

I have been collecting laser printed images for the fiber art class that I will be attending this weekend. I'm getting pretty excited about that. I will spend this whole week deciding what to bring and then packing it up.

Here is a picture of Joe that our friend Walter e-mailed to me this morning. I guess he was leaving the farm in Maryland. I posted from there once. It was the weekend we checked out the giant shoe.

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