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Chris Mundy and Kate House try to make art while navigating the crap life throws at them.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Art Club Christmas Project

Check it out, here is one of the ARC clients with a bunch of others in the background. Kind of gives you an idea of how many of these things we cranked out! (13) I gave everyone the choice of sewing buttons to their snowmen, or drawing the eyes, mouth and etc to the snowmen with markers. A distressing amount of people chose to sew! It all worked out and I think they enjoyed themselves. Go to my other blog for more pics.

Tonight I am going to another one of those Department of Developmental Disabilities meetings to find out how difficult my life will be as a result of new proceedures. I guess that's not a very good attitude, is it? I was thinking how it might be nice if Kate's father took on some of this responsibility, but he is such an amazing DICK, he is incapable. He is chronically unemployed and doesn't even have a car. Don't worry, I'll take care of everything!!!!!!!!!

How are you all doing?

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momtofatdogs said...

Cheer Up Chris! At least you know what you're dealing with when it comes to Kate's Dad.......And I am sure she appreciates what you do.

It's busy on THIS home front. Trying to get customer quilts done to beat the baby here. He's due the 20th. I'm thinking he's coming early.

Love the Snowmen flags. They are adorable.