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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm Feeling Quiet

I haven't been posting, or even commenting on the posts of others. I feel a little exhausted. But it's weird, because I don't feel bad, just like being quiet.

I have been pretty busy. At work, there are things to do to get ready for the end of the year. I just finished my personal performance grid. How corporate is that? This is the document that states my goals for the year, if I completed them, and how I accomplished everything, and why I deserve a nice raise and bonus.  Everyone hates doing this but there is no way around it. It is due December 1st and I have had several people sneer at me with envy and disgust when I announced I was finished. Also, I've been acquainting myself with all of the websites I will need to use in connection with Drexel University. I usually end up confused at first, somehow screwing up or forgetting my username, password, ID number, etc. I am already on a first name basis with one of the tech guys.

Over the weekend I dug out and reposted on Etsy some things I did for Christmas last year. It would be nice if I could sell them. I also made more prints of antique Christmas postcards on fabric. I will make something out of all that soon. I'm almost done with another woodland postcard. I did some experimental stove top dying over the weekend. I used RIT cocoa brown. Man, is it ever brown. I have no idea what I am doing with all that.

I'm feeling a little bit Christmassy. Looking forward to digging into the decoration boxes. I agreed to go to Cape Cod over the weekend with Joe. He used to live there and has a lot of friends he misses. Thanksgiving weekend is normally decorating time, but I guess I'll just do it when I get back.


paula said...

well chris, i do miss your energy out there in blogland, but everyone deserves to be preoccupied, quiet...busy and absorbed. just wish you were so with more fun things instead of talking to tech dudes!

hope some etsy sales happen...its dead/slow there i hear. i am NOT feeling christmasy or thanksgivingy and i love always just blows by and i try to remain untouched. HA!

cconz said...

After reading a few of my favorite blogs, i'm seeing like alot of folks are feeling like you are. Your christmas quilts are lovely. That would be wonderful if people would buy handmade for christmas. Leave all that "CRAP" in the stores.