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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Crazy Good Things

I can't even think today. I haven't been too busy here at work, and that makes it hard to get anything done. I realize that might sound crazy, but that's really how it is. There is enough free time to mess around on the internet, and I get distracted by interesting things.

Anyway, today 2 things happened to make that situation double worse. Remember how I have applied to Drexel University to  get a BS in Communication? Well, I signed up for an online seminar where one of the professors spoke about the course, what to expect, and where you can use a degree like this. (Answer: anywhere) When I was finished, I ran down to get lunch, came back and had an e-mail saying I was accepted! I'm excited and scared.

If that's not distracting enough, I had a convo on my etsy site from a woman who says she is the acquisitions editor for C&T publishing. I looked that up and found it is a ligit publishing house that concentrates on needle arts and mixed media books. She says she loves my work and wants to know if I had ever considered writing a book. Well, not up until now. She offered to chat more if I sent her an e-mail. I did, but haven't heard back yet. Meanwhile I looked at their book propsal form, and started writing a book proposal on the spot!  It's a pretty big deal, I have to write a sample chapter and a complete set of instructions for a sample project.

How could all this happen at once? If somehow this book thing really happens, I'm going to blow off going to Italy this year. How many things can one person do??????


Kim Hambric said...

Wow! My heart is racing! All of this sounds so exciting and fantastic! I feel the need to keep using the exclamation mark!!!!


Keep us all posted, ok?


self taught artist said...

i agree, wow and who can think NOW? you are on a roll and i hope it takes you far, good luck with that book possibility, very exciting :) congrats!!!

Martys Fiber Musings said...

I'm just catching up with your latest, what a great opportunity. So happy for you.

Martys Fiber Musings said...

I'm just now catching up on your blog - wow....what a big deal - a book - I love the idea and I am so glad it is happening to you.

PS- my first comment didn't show up if this is redundant - well,sorry.

jeanamarie said...

wow! that's fantastic Chris!