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Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Cards

Here is a post from Sunday that I never finished. Now it's Monday and I may as well just post it.

Hello! This morning I am writing Christmas cards. I bought my cards last year, on sale. I have Frank Lloyd Write Christmas cards, that are very cool. I was happy to find them. However, now that I am looking at them, I think that most of the people on my list will be baffled. They are not really all that traditional. Oh well! I actually went out an bought my parents a separate card.

Kate and I were talking about the big tree in Rockefeller Center in NYC. Her and I are going in next Tuesday to see the lights and windows and, of course, the tree. She has the day off and I am taking that day, so it will be a mother/daughter extravaganza. We just googled the tree to see where it came from this year.

A lot of people commented on my last 2 posts. THANKS! It seems that many of us don't care much for malls. I'm thinking that it is something in us, whatever makes us want to make art, makes us... I'm lost for words. Can't wait to start taking those communication classes in January!  We are a little out of the main stream, and the mall represents the main stream... with a really strong current?

I liked hearing how everyone does their decorating. I remember it being a way different thing with small children!

Doreen asked me if I went to college for art. Yes, I did. I wanted to go to college for art when I was finished with High School. "They" wouldn't let me. I didn't understand how I could make that happen for myself at the time. I went to college for art when I was 32 years old. I have an AA degree, plus a few credits. It would be great to finish that degree, maybe some day.


Kim Hambric said...

Hope you have a blast in New York. I would love to see it decked out for the holidays. We went a couple of years ago the very first weekend in December. I will never do that again on the weekend. I'm assuming the middle of the week will be better.(?)

As for those LED lights . . . we have the red ones this year. So far, the white ones are really disturbing looking -- kind of a piercing blue/gray. When (if) the white ones improve we'll go for them.

Doreen said...

Hi Chris,
thanks for the link you created... do I know how to do that? Ha!
The truth is that the degree means nothing compared to the people we encounter along the way!!
Thanks Again!

Wendy said...

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