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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Decorations

I know that some people hate Christmas. I understand that. There really is a lot to hate about it. I went to the mall yesterday after work. I believe that much of what there is to hate about Christmas is concentrated there.

Understand that I haven't been to the mall in maybe 2 years. Don't get me wrong, I shop. I just don't travel too far to do it.So, I get to the mall, and traffic is awful, but I park and run in, through Bloomingdales. I am immediately dazzled. Sparkley dresses. Skinny black jeans. Women wanting to spray you with perfume. Out in the mall, there are giant ornaments hanging from the ceiling. A lot of the stores have changed. More upscale than I remember. Fancy Shopping Bitches everywhere. I make my way to the Apple store, and buy the computer, plus a wireless mouse, plus a electronic drawing tablet. (How lucky is Kate?) I also buy an external hard drive for the family computer, since it is groaning under the weight of so many photos and MP3s. $1200 lighter, I'm back in the mall. I should look in these stores, right? I won't be back here any time soon. But you know, I couldn't bear it, I was overwhelmed, over stimulated. I did stop at Aldo Shoes, where I saw the most delicious boots. But no, I had to go. Joe was waiting at home with wine and cheese.

I have to laugh, what kind of person have I become that I can't stand to even be in the mall?

Here are some decorating pictures. I know some people don't decorate at all. That's cool. You should not decorate if you don't feel like it. Or, conversely, you should put lights on every square inch of your house if you want to. In fact, thanks for doing that. It's so entertaining as I drive home from work every day in the dark!


Kim Hambric said...

I completely understand your feelings toward the mall. Where I live, we have a dinky, depressing mall. Yeah, there's a Macy's, but its lame and geared only toward teens and elderly women. The rest of the mall is vacant storefronts, dollar stores, cell phone stores and other wrist-slitting retail.

I love the photos of Christmas corner. It's putting me in the mood to get going on my house. I have a thing for Christmas trees. They kind of take over the house.

Sorry you missed out on those boots. They no doubt would have hurt your feet. I'm sure the wine and cheese with your hubby was the better end of the deal.

paula said...

you know chris, i used to have christmas parties...used to do it all...and now that i' minimal (and broke) i avoid it all. but i think its great when people have that spirit and get into it. there is a deeper meaning(hopefully) for all this shopping and giving and doing...and for that i think yes, do it. have fun, share. enjoy.
i still like a string of lights...there is something cozy and childlike about it all. nice to see :)
merry Christmas my friend

Jane said...

I know what you mean, I don't much care for shopping malls either.
In fact I'm not that keen on shopping full stop!
It's not that I don't wnat to spend money, I just don't enjoy the actual shopping experience, I shop on line ok.
I love your Xmas decorations, the 'Noel' is lovely.

jeanamarie said...

kate is very lucky!!!

malls are a bit scary I think, especially this time of year. We decorate with the things the girls have made at playgroup and so forth - but we do that anyway. I think the Christmas tree thing will be fun this year with little ones, but are waiting until very close to Christmas to avoid the unfun part of policing the tree and ornaments from little hands :)