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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wow, Lots of Comments on That Last Post!

Let's face it, all of this computer stuff is a hobby in itself. I admit, I like blogging, I guess because I was always a letter writer and have kept a paper journal for a while. Blogging is kind of like writing a letter to the world! The face book thing, I don't know. As Gunnel says, you can just ignore it, which I do, so why even have it?  A word about the farm game and all of the others, I never ever got into video games except for one time. I remember when my son was seven, we got him a Sega Genesis video game system and a game, Sonic the Hedgehog, for Christmas. I figured I had better learn how to use it, so that I could help him. Inside of 2 weeks he was way better at it than I was, and I haven't touched a game since. Here is my problem. When you are done spending all this time, what do you have? I'd rather make something than gather imaginary farm animals.

I would like to reiterate that I really like my neighbors with the falling-down house. I'd rather have nice, quiet neighbors than neighbors that are mean or noisy with an immaculate house. But, I think that there is actually some kind of mental thing going on with them. What makes you buy a door and let it hang out on the porch forever?  I remember when we had our sidewalk re-done, they had one square of sidewalk that was cracked, so, at their request, I had our contractor fix that square as well, and just bill them. When it was done, they acted like we were heroes. They thanked us profusely and said they were taking us out to dinner. (They never did) I think that even the effort of making the phone calls is too much for them! Marty, you're right about the property values. But, at this point houses in our area have come down so much and still no one buys them! I know what will happen: They will decide to move when they retire, they will be told that no one will buy the house in that condition, and they will spend a fortune fixing it. I've seen plenty of people do things like put in a new kitchen before selling a house. Why not do it now, so you can enjoy it? Hey, I don't know.

Sam Quilts,  I got confused when you described yourself as a trashy trailer dweller. I could not imagine it was the same person who is constantly doing big projects around the house!  We do not have many trailer parks around here; it is just not that common. However, maybe there should be. People need less expensive places to live and trailers seem to provide that. Housing costs are really dreadful here, even with the bad economy.
Idaho Beauty, the miracle of the internet, that addictive time-sucker, is the wealth of info right at your fingertips! I just Googled up Idaho population and it was all there. I really do love to learn new things.

I have to go now, but I will post again soon about what I did last night.


momtofatdogs said...

Ha Ha Ha
I'd live in a trailer again, if I HAD too. But I don't have too. Not right now. It did help us save $$$, and that was the goal.

Sam in Middle TN

Martys Fiber Musings said...

Hey, Chris, I love how you just totally made a blog out of the comments you received. Now aren't you the clever one. You really won't mind if I piggy-back your idea will you?? I'll say please and even thank you...