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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Mistake

I just had a look at this blog and found that I had inadvertantly posted a title. No content. That is part of an unfinished post, I'm not sure how just the title alone got posted.

I was out weeding the front garden on Saturday. I want to tell you that I love my garden, and I can't spend as much time as I would like in it. Generally the gardens around here aren't doing very well because of all the rainy, cool weather we've been having. I was anxious to get in there and weed, since the weeds are doing very, very well.

My neighbor comes out of her house and says she is about to leave for the Martin Guitar Fest in Nazareth, PA. She is a guitar freak. She says we should go, (Joe was there) and starts to tell us why this is such a wonderful event. It sounds like it could be fun, but I am commited to working in the garden. She tells me that I should not be working on a Saturday, I should be going to the Martin Guitar Fest, because it is so much fun. I try to tell her that, for me, this is not work. Work is that crap I do all week at the office. She will not let up. She keeps reiterating how amazing this event is, (even for someone who does not play guitar and would rather be in the garden) and finally says she will help me weed the garden later if I go to the guitar fest now.

I just looked up at her, from my squatting position amongst the creeping charlie. I wanted to say, "What can I do right now to get you to leave me the hell alone?" This woman does not work, so she was double pissing me off. She has all day, every day, to do exactly as she pleases. I have maybe one day per week to do what I want and I should stop to go do what she wants? Joe, sensing my feelings, kind of gave her the "yeah, maybe we'll see you over there..." and finally she left. SHEESH!

There are so many things I want to do and seemingly no time for any of it. I'm trying to not worry about it all. I haven't touched my sewing machine in about 5 weeks. I am putting outdoor persuits ahead. It is summer, kind of, after all. I did sit in the yard yesterday and worked on a small section of my epic quilt. At one point I spread it out on the grass to reposition the quiting hoop, and I thought, "This will never get done."

Of course, adding the learn Italian thing to the mix is not helping. You have to pick your priorities, and I have decided that travelling is very important. I have always wanted to learn Italian, and there is no way to learn it except to take the time to do it. I also have books I want to read and movies I want to watch. This used to freak me out a little, but now I am trying to see it as a good thing, to have so many options. I am working on focusing.

Here is another picture from my recent trip. This bar is in Gay, Michigan, near Copper Harbor. I suppose it is meant to be funny. If we mentioned that we had gone to Copper Harbor, people often asked if we had our picture taken at the Gay Bar. I suppose it is quite a landmark!


cconz said...

Oh, how funny. How can i get her to leave me the hell alone! HA! I'm relating with you on that one. I just read a great book by john irving called "a widow for one year" I loved it. Check it out. Thanks for stopping by. It has been very difficult. But, it makes it less difficult knowing there are others that know the pain we are feeling.

Frank Dobner said...

I have been to Copper Harbor at least a 1/2 dozen times. I usually go camping with kids, but there are too big now to go with me. We usually have a big night at the German restaurant in town - I think it is called the Harbor House (or something like that).

I speak Italian and I think you are wise to choose carefully when you are deciding to take that on. I have just completed work on a 30 day program to teach Italian. It will be released within a month. Take a look at if you are interested.


PS: I do not remember seeing the Gay Bar. I am going to have to look it up on the map. Have you ever been to the Northern Lights bookstore up there? Nice.