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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hunterdon County 4H Fair

I love going to the 4H fair every year, I mostly look at the farm animals. I love Goats. Of course it rained while we were there. (Joe has become fond of saying, "Give us this day our daily rain.") We just ran from building to building. Great. Here is a picture of Joe trying to convince a cow to look my way. And, some goats.

I usually check out the needlework tent as well. The one at this fair is generally sparse, and this year is no exception. I was initially appalled to find all of the quilts covered in plastic. Then I realized that maybe some had been damaged in the past. Who can blame them?

There was some genuinely weird stuff this year. But, what really struck me was that there were three quilts almost exactly the same. Each of the three used the same fabric. They each had embroidered flower baskets They were just arranged slightly differently on each quilt. Obviously, they all used the same kit. I never use kits. Do you think they knew, or were they all surprised? See the folded in half quilt in the picture? That is one of them. I guess they didn't think it was worth the space, since it was up there 3 times. Finally, check out the frog with tits. Tell me that isn't weird. Amphibians shopping at Victoria's Secret. It won a prize.

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Kim Hambric said...

Our big ole local fair is coming up this week. There will be hundreds of happy kids in the livestock competitions. I'm looking forward to the goats! And chickens! Not so much the pigs.

And gee, I hope I get to see some award-winning frog needlepoint. Thanks for sharing that photo.

And I'm going to be able to leave a comment this time!! Whee!!!!