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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Response to a Recent Comment

To Frank, thanks for your encouragement about learning Italian. As soon as I get past "Hi, how are you?" (how do you stay?) Maybe I will start looking for some other resources, like some reading material to try and translate, and then maybe I can find myself a conversation group. I recently learned to order a glass of wine at a restaurant. I consider that essential, but my first thought was, wait, I need to order a whole bottle! I now own an Italian-English dictionary.

My husband agreed to learn with me, but I can see he now regrets that. He joked that maybe he would just learn to say, "My wife speaks Italian." He feels that it is impossible to learn a language in a year, and he is right. But, I feel that I can have a pretty good clue by then. We were supposed to watch a lesson twice per week, but that already hasn't happened. Our plan was to do this Sunday and Tuesday, but we both got out of work late yesterday (Tuesday) and we agreed to meet and go food shopping together. By the time we got home it was 8pm, so no one was in the mood to learn Italian at that point.

My husband is a plumber. Sometimes he can get a little bit dirty on the job. Sometimes he gets a lot dirty. I could not believe what he looked like when I met him at the supermarket yesterday. He had just pulled a well pump and was completely splashed with mud. When I spoke to him earlier he said he was going back to the shop to wash up, and he did, but his clothes were still crazy. I like when he comes with me, because we talk and laugh while we shop, so we quickly got into that mode and I forgot about what he looked like, but I wonder what people thought when they saw him. It's just funny to think about.

Back to Italian, what is the deal with those verbs??? You say each verb 20 different ways, depending on who you speak to or who is doing the speaking, and past, present, future, etc. Obviously we have things like this in English, i.e. you go, she goes, she went, but Italian is extreme. Still, I refuse to be daunted!I will soldier on.

So now about Gay, Michigan. I mispoke when I said it was near Copper Harbor. I said that because I didn't feel like looking up the word Keweenaw. Gay is a little town on the eastern side of the Keweenaw penninsula. Copper Harbor is at the tip of the Pennisula, not really that close to Gay. While I was looking to see how to spell Keweenaw, I found that Gay actually has a Wikipedia page, and they have a picture of the Gay Bar sign! I have also learned that they have a 4th of July parade every year, locally known as the Gay parade. Cute.

Thanks to everyone and anyone who has commented lately. It's the only way I know anyone looks at this blog. I was never able to figure out what is wrong with my Google Analytics, so I don't know how many people stop by. One day in the middle of July, 11 people from Brazil looked at it. I have no idea what that is about.

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