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Saturday, July 18, 2009

We Made It Home!

All is well here. Time to start sorting through the 750+ photos we took. Here are some other statistics:

Total trip = 3500 miles
   1200 with the car
   2300 on the bike
Days I wore 3 pairs of pants and was still cold = 3
Adorable small towns discovered = 10
Hotel rooms stayed in = 8
   Terrible hotels = 1
Restored theaters visited = 2
Ferries taken = 2
Restaurants eaten in = around 20
Ice cream stops = 12
Times I had to pee in the woods = at least 10
Times we laughed ourselves to tears at the people and goings on at rest stops = 5

DAYS of RAIN while on the BIKE = ZERO!!!!!

1 comment:

The Idaho Beauty said...

Wow, that's a LOT of miles to put in on that kind of bike. Welcome home and so glad you had a safe and fun time.