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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kate Has a New Job

In the 2 weeks that I was gone, Kate had a job interview, got the job, went through training and is now employed at a supermarket. All this thanks to her job coach at Employment Solutions and my parents. She had to be at work at 7:15 am this morning. Since I had to be out, I thought I would run some errands. Thankfully, Home Depot is open, I bought some plant food and found some perennials on sale. I went to the farmers market, but it was too early! I will be back that way around 11:30, so I will still have a chance to go.

In the mean time, here are pictures of another major roadside attraction, the freshwater fishing hall of fame in Hayward, WI. That is Joe and I in the mouth of the giant fish, which is also a museum. I've included a small sampling of the museum, which was actually very compelling, considering that Joe and I have no real interest in fishing.

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