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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chilton, WI

This situation is nearly identicle to the last time I posted. Joe is asleep and I am posting in a motel that has a computer.

I've see so much and have done so many things, I'm not even sure how to post about it all. I am considering some ideas as I cruise the countryside on the back of the bike. Today we are taking the Badger across Lake Michigan. We should get to Ludington 6 pm today, and pick our car up on Thursday.

An example of a typical day for us, we left Elroy, WI Tuesday morn, and started out thinking we'd get breakfast in the next big town. We went winding around these small "letter roads" pass some of the prettiest farmland you can imagine. The next big town turned out to be Baraboo. As we roll in we can see that this place is happening. The fact that it is a county seat is usually a good sign. After breakfast we walk around and come upon an old theatre, the Al Ringling. We went inside and it was completely amazing, and it is starting to be restored. This is not the first old theatre we've fallen in love with on our trip. Calumet, MI had a good one. Pictures coming soon.

Anyway, if the name Ringling sounds familiar, Baraboo is where the circus started, and there is a huge museum.

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