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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend in Maryland

As you know, this weekend was the Seagull Century. While Joe and friend Mark rode, myself and Judy (Mark's wife) hung around and went antiquing. (By the way, Mark is the wise-guy weather man I have mentioned in the past.) See some of my treasures right over there. I was a little disappointed in the antique malls this time. I have noticed a disturbing trend lately: the quality of stuff is way down at these venues. I've noticed the mixing of new things with the old, and, some of the stuff is really garage sale material, not antique store worthy. I would point to the economy. People need to sell things to make their rent, and the venue wants to keep all of the spaces filled.
We drove down on Friday, and the weather was really warm. I mean 85 degrees and humid. None of us were prepared for that. I had no short sleeved shirts. Fortunately, it cooled down some for the ride the next day. I heard that 8300 people did the ride this year. It keeps growing. Joe has been participating since 1997, and has the shirts to prove it. (Every year they give the registered riders a free long-sleeved t-shirt. There is a competition between artists to get their painting on the shirt. This year the background color is pumpkin orange. I really like it.)

The next day we stopped at Assiteague Island on the way home. That is where the wild ponies are. It's also nice to stand by the ocean for a while.

Yesterday, I had to leave work early because it was Columbus day, and public transportation doesn't run. The supermarket continues to operate, however, so Kate had to get to and from work. I took a half vacation day I had available. I did food shopping since I was there anyway, and still got home early. It would be so cool to work part time! I ran down to my underground creative space and finished machine quilting a small piece, and put together something new, all before dinner! pictures of that stuff soon.

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cconz said...

I agree with you on the antique stores. So many have that cheap repo junk and yes, GARAGE SALE stuff. ARgg!! I would do anything for alittle 85 degrees. Good to see your husband rides. There is one in Iowa called Ragbrai It's gets as big as 15000 people. Its a ride across the state. I've done it twice. Always alot of fun. Thanks for the comments on the building. It will be work but, so worth it.