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Monday, October 5, 2009

Diversity Day

Today at work we had our diversity event. Every year we make objectives for ourselves, and 5% of our objectives are to be diversity related.( I got stuck again this year organizing this event. Long story)

We decided to go volunteer at a soup kitchen in a nearby city. Most everyone where I work is middle class and it is a really good idea for us to get out and see how other people live, what they have to face. I complain too much. Poor me! I need to decide whether or not to go to college! BOO HOO!

Here you see a picture of me, (in the hat) Ralph, who has been volunteering at this place for 9 years, and the director of my department, who would kick my ass if she knew I put this picture on the internet.

We mostly stayed in the kitchen and chopped up veggies and fruit. I peeled one million apples for the largest apple crumble you have ever seen. They feed around 150 people at lunch time. There were other members of our group serving, and they say there were some families with little children. I'm so glad they have a place to go and eat! I am told that all you need to do is show up here, no questions asked.


momtofatdogs said...

I am proud of you. You are a better person than I.....I guess just showing up "to help" is okay too? There are many in Nashville - but I tried to volunteer at the YMCA closest to where I work - but they wanted my credit history, my work history, and my SS# - all to volunteer? Not gonna happen. Not from me. But! I DO donate stuff to many charities.

Sam in Middle TN

self taught artist said...

a million apples??? and look how happy you look!!!

Chris said...

It sure felt like a million!