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Friday, October 9, 2009

My Weekend is Here

Joe is doing his 100 mile bike ride this weekend, so we are taking today off to drive to Maryland. My co-worker has been sick for days, and I would imagine she will be out today as well. That means no coverage for my department. I worked so hard to get everything done to the point that there was nothing pressing that needed attention until Monday. I've got someone covering me in case of an emergency. I won't let my vacation be wrecked. After all, w aren't saving lives over there.

I have some birthday money so, it's antiquing this weekend!  For me that means interesting fabric scraps, unfinished quilts, vintage tea towels, etc. I received a birthday discount card from my local quilt shop, so I was over there last night doing some damage. I love fabric so much. When I go in there, I am so overwhelmed by it all.

I have a new hair color now, no one at work mentioned it. Let's just say the change was subtle. I think my salon person does things her way. I picked a certain color, but I think that for my own good she mixes it different. I have let gray hair grow near my temples. I really like it. She is so against it. Who's hair is this anyway?

I haven't read Cosmo magazine in a while. I used to love it when I was young, too young to be reading it. Glamour was teaching us to be pretty. Cosmo was teaching us to be sexy. Pretty much all magazines are going that way now. Every magazine cover has SEX TIPS. Occasionally I will have a look, and there is never anything new. I mean, we really only have a few different "parts" between us, and there are only so many things to do. I find I read them and think, "Well, anyone knows that." Or, "Well, of course you would do that." 

Just for the hell of it I cracked open this issue of Cosmo, and I almost died. Since when did this become porn? Don't get me wrong, I am not easily shocked. and sex and the discussion of sex is fine with me. I just thought stuff like this was for Penthouse Forum! And, what must be in there now???

Apart from graphic language though, everything is pretty much the same. I won't go through everything they mentioned, just one thing as an example. Chris' sex tip: Guys want you to touch their weenie. Cosmo expanded this into, like, 15 tips. Here is the very first tip: "Drum your fingers on his shaft." You know, like when you are waiting for someone and starting to get bored and you drum your fingers on the table. What? I ran this by my husband, who just cracked up laughing. Are there women all over the country doing this now? Are there men all over the country saying, "Honey, why do you keep doing that?"

OK, enough. I have to get ready. Have a swell weekend!


self taught artist said...

think we will ever see the day that the majority of people dont worry about looks or getting laid? i got a bad taste in my mouth just thinking about those stupid magazines wasting ink/paper and brain cells.

have a good trip, fun antiquing and flaunting silver sideburns :)

Kim Hambric said...

I'm laughing until I'm crying.

My fav magazine, Domino, went under earlier in the year. The remainder of my subscription was filled in with Glamour magazine. I read that thing 30+ years ago. Back then, they told me about funky tights and lip gloss and how to call boys and not look desperate. Now that magazine is nasty. Telling teens and tweens what men (does being 21 make you a man?) like in bed.

My daughter is going to read Highlights until she gets married.