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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Notorious Slob

I just spent the entire morning tearing apart my studio, cleaning and reorganizing. I'm really glad it is done, but it has left me weary and in a little bit of a mood. This crappy weather can't be helping. Freezing rain all day. And, the upstairs is still a wreck. We are a family of messy people. Perhaps I need to sit down with a cup of tea.

I read the most hilarious thing in the Sunday New York Times. It was a review in the style section of a book called Once again to Zelda: The Story Behind Literature's Most Intriguing Dedications. Here is a quote from the review, "After reading the steamy novel, Peyton Place, dedicated "To George, for all the reasons he knows so well," the longtime English teacher Marlene Wagman-Gellar wondered, "Who's George?" Looking into it, she learned that George was the indulgent husband of the book's author, Grace Metalious.  Ms. Metalious, a notorious slob, once tried to clean a table with a dead mouse. (She mistook it for a Brillo pad.)

Isn't that great? I love hearing about people that are at least as crazy as me.

Merry Christmas Eve to you.

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