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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blogging from Work

Greetings from my corporate job. I am so burned out I could die, but it pays the mortgage. Besides, I understand the job market is not so great right now.

I tooks some pics this morning before I left.

First, see the pebble quilt I mentioned yesterday. Imagine running your hand over the "pebbles" and it feels bumpy. I should be able to get this onto my etsy site for January. You can just kind of make out the horrible mess that is my studio in the background.
I'm also including another studio view.
One more picture, I accidentally dumped my button jar onto the floor, and I got it into my head to sort the buttons by color.

My grandparents used to have what they called a "bungalow" in Lake Hopatcong. I spent a lot of great summers there when I was a kid. My grandmother, Nanny, had a purple Lewis Sherry tin with old buttons in it. I used to love to look at the buttons. I really liked the rhinestone ones. When my grandparents died, everything in the house was sorted out and disposed of in various ways. I didn't think to ask about it at the time, but I later discovered that my mother threw out Nanny's button tin!!! Ever since then I have been amassing my own button collection. I sew them into my quilts along with other vintage things I gather. I've got a top finished with a very old and fragile doll dress on it. I'll show that one soon.

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momtofatdogs said...

I would probably enjoy work a whole lot more if I COULD blog there too, howevr, it's blocked ....darn. Oh well! Your blog looks neat. And you sound a lot like me!

Sam in Middle TN