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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another sale on Etsy

I've had an Etsy shop since September, and yesterday I made my 11th sale. I still get a thrill when I sell something. I was thinking no one would buy anything after Christmas, but I was wrong.  Someone in New Hampshire bought a VooDoo Goddess sculpture that I made after going to an exhibition of VooDoo artifacts at the Natural History Museum in NYC. Most of the pieces in the museum came from Haiti, which is one of the poorest countries on Earth. The people used pretty much anything they could get their hands on to make these small sculptures that represent gods and spirits. I've always been very intrigued with art made from found objects, and I was so taken with these objects that I had to make some of my own. Aida-Wedo is a snake-woman deity that I made from a plastic doll with no arms or legs. I spray painted her gold and put a crown of beads on her head. I wrapped wire around her body, ending in kind of a tail shape at the end. This provided an armature over which I glued tissue paper that I varnished. The tissue became a thin and brittle skin over the wire armature, which was embellished with more beads. 

This item has been in my life for a while, and I decided to try to sell her on Etsy. It's hard to put a price on this kind of thing. It's only worth what someone will pay for it, I suppose. I put her out there for $25, and I don't feel bad about getting that.  Someone else will enjoy her and I get a little more space. I'll never get rich that way, but I can't be bothered trying to be rich!

I need to get it together to put more photographs on this blog. Currently, the only photo editing software I have access to is at work. I've heard you can resize in iphoto and Picassa, but I can't figure it out. I want to use Photoshop, which I am accustomed to, but I don't want to spend the money. I know there is some kind of Photoshop light out there for $100, maybe that is the way to go. Anyway, the no photo situation is intolerable, and I will change that very soon. 


Gunnels blog said...

where is your etsy shop ??

frenchtown said...

Gunnels, HI! I stumbled upon your blog yesterday and realized I knew you from your Etsy shop. e have each other as favorites. I was thinking this weekend I would figure out how to get my shop onto my blog. I do struggle with this sort of thing. Anyway, I barely had a chance to look at your blog. I'll get more into it.