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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Today is a Good Day

For one thing, it is sunny! That's a big deal in NJ right now. I've completed 3 journal pages. I have, I think, 3 more and this journal is done. My journal method is to prepare a set number of pages all at once, but then wok on them until they are used up and then bind the whole thing together. I managed to salvage the messed up journal page, and did 2 more. I am mostly using things from italy: photographs that I have taken, wine labels, cheese labels, pan forte labels, business cards, stamps, etc. I'll take a couple of pictures.

That reminds me. I have 2 items that I need to photograph to put on Etsy. I haven't added anything new in months. (Etsy, charming hobby, right? Is anyone selling anything there? Actually, I just sold a $4 collage. I guess I'd better dig that up and ship it out, too.)


cconz said...

See, 1 thing at a time. It all works out. Plus your making something cool. It's a great idea to do those right after your trip. While it's still all fresh.

Kim Hambric said...

I've put loads of new art on Etsy lately. Nothing. No bites. No comments. NADA.

Would really like to see some photos of the journal pages.