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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another Semester, Out the Door

OK, so I took 6 college courses in 2010. And I've decided that I can no longer go at this pace. I signed up for just one class, next semester, US History up until 1820. I just don't feel like killing myself any more. I want to enjoy my classes, and my life. If I graduate, then I graduate. If I don't, then I don't.

I took Philosophy this time, and I really enjoyed that. I would recommend this to anyone. Philosophy is basically thinking very deeply about a variety of subjects. The most difficult subject I had to think about was what is being? Different philosophers had different takes on the subject, and many were genuinely hard to wrap your head around. Good brain exercise, that's for sure.

But enough of that crap, it's Christmas time!!! I've already bid like a fool on vintage ornaments on ebay until my husband started looking askance and using unkind words to describe my interest, such as "obsession." The nerve of that guy.

The entire time I was going to school, work was really busy. Like a miracle, that has suddenly let up. That is why I am posting today, because I can! I really feel happy right as this moment. Now I think I will create the return mail address labels for this years christmas cards. It kind of looks like I am working when I do something like that. But first, I will look at what everyone else has posted. Oh, what fun!


Martys Fiber Musings said...

Have fun with your obsession...I love all your vintage ornaments. Hey....another semester bit the dust....I'm proud of you and your great attitude on where you are and where you are going!

Slimbolala said...

They look great.

Kim Hambric said...

Good to hear that you will be able to slow down a bit. Put your philosophy class to work and do some deep thinking. Enjoy all of your ornaments. I understand the obsession. This is the only year I have not purchased a wagon-load of ornaments.

But the season is not over yet. Ebay, huh? Might have to visit.