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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Can Crochet

After watching video tutorials on line over and over, I am now reasonably competent at crocheting granny squares. I have 9 squares finished. I'd post a picture, but I can't find the computer connection wire for my new camera. I lost the bitch almost as soon as I bought it. Such a pain. But really, it's nothing to get excited about, you've seen granny squares before.I was thinking of making a nice multi-colored granny square sweater vest for someone I love. Remember those? Yikes! My ultimate goal is to be able to crochet a uterus, complete with fallopian tubes. Some crafty activists are crocheting and knitting these things and sending them to our lawmakers in washington. The idea is that if they have their own uterus, maybe they will leave ours alone. See the link:

I wonder how many granny squares i will need to churn out and sew together to wrap a reasonable-sized tree trunk? Way more than I think, no doubt.

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