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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Day

Today I "worked from home" rather than brave the ice and snow. A lot of trees down and traffic lights out. I mostly monitored my e-mail and calmed the fears of people that want their posters printed on time.

Joe also had the day off, the plumbing company he works for shut down. Unfortunately, he will not be paid. He made the most of the day, however, BY WORKING IN THE ATTIC! I had the idea that this could be an art day, but when I wasn't responding to e-mails, I was helping Joe. He was putting up insulation (a multi-step process) and I was helping by holding it up while he stapled it. It is terribly awkward for him, here is a picture:
But we got one whole side of one end finished. We aren't even working on my end of the attic yet.

Meanwhile, here is a picture of my new desk space in the cellar. I can't wait to mess it up with a project

Here is my sewing machine on the desk. Really not cutting it. Notice the shower curtain hung up in front of the wall. It keeps the constant crumbling grit from getting near the machine. *sigh*

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