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Monday, March 22, 2010

Can it Be One Month Since I Posted Last?

I'm in the middle of  a short break between quarters. (Drexel has quarters, shorter than semesters.) I went to post the othher day, and I didn't know what to say. Weird. I still don't exactly have any kind of theme for this post. I saw that I got an A+ in one of my classes, no grade posted yet in the other. I am all signed up for Psychology 101 and Principles of Communication. That starts up again March 29. Then I am taking the summer off.

Anyone living in the Northeast is aware of the incredible weather gift we received recently. It seems like one week we were buried in snow, the next we had crocuses blooming. This is weather I'd be happy to get in May, much less in March! We did a lot of yard work, patio and porch cleaning. We bought new patio furniture. Now it will snow.

Work is weirder than ever. Now that our merger has been in place for several months, the big layoffs are immanent. Get this, I have the job of scanning and formatting electronic signatures so that they are available for the separation letters! For those not hip to corporate speak, being separated from the company means, your fired. Suppose I see my boss's name? It's such a giant drag, all of this. I was joking around about that patio furniture, saying maybe I should take it back. Then I realized, I'll need it while I'm sitting around all summer out of work! Ha Ha.

My creative life is very thin right now, but I started making a purse. I was using the random patchwork method I used for the St, Pat's bags. I have a commercial pattern I'm working with. I used all repro feedsack patterns and some other fabric that seemed to be in the same spirit. I'm pretty excited about it. I think it will be cool for spring. I guess I'll post pictures, if I get around to taking them!

One last thing, I have to do my taxes, yuk. When that's done, I will indulge myself and look at everyone elses blog!


Jeana Marie said...

great to hear from you :)

sounds like you have had a very full quarter. The signature job sounds like a very gloomy one, sometimes it's better not to know maybe.

Would love to see a pic when you have the time, enjoy!


momtofatdogs said...

Welcome back !!!!
I feel your pain , in the job department. We're being asked to do more, on less hours, and we're facing layoff's too. Only I am REALLY hoping it's not me or my husband. Pure selfishness on my part, but I don't know what else to say.....


Martys Fiber Musings said...

Happy to hear from you - you smart girl. Great Grades!

Doreen said...

The Chaise Lounge... is a necessity!...(the way I see it!)

Kim Hambric said...

Sorry to hear that the work world is such a mess for you right now. Frame that A plus and try to nurture your creative side as much as possible.

Sending positive thoughts your way.

cconz said...

congrats on the A+. Not an easy task for most of us. I haven't had much to say either. To busy outside, enjoying this fab weather. Enjoy your patio furniture.