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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Two Days in a Row

Another post, can you stand it? It is just so slow at work. Already today I wrote a one page paper for a class and posted it, and I have posted to the discussion boards for both classes. I just peeked in on the blog again and I had a lot of comments. Thanks!

Yo, Mom to Fat Dogs! You crack me up! Yeah, right, that's my room!  What my husband and I liked best about the room was that it wasn't loaded up with our clutter! It was nicely decorated, right? As the innkepers put it, it is low on the doiley factor. (FYI, you accidentally posted the same comment twice. Just so you know why I rejected one of them.)

Marty, whassup? Yes, people watching, my favorite sport. Where is there good people watching where you live? (Everyone?) One of the premier places to watch people around here is any boardwalk on the Jersey Shore. I know there is some kind of TV show on right now called Jersey Shore. I hear it is loaded up with stereotypes of Italian Americans. Whatever. New Jersey gets such a bad rep. I think there are people like that running around, but where I live you rarely come across them.

Jeana Marie, I just take it day by day. What else can you do? I just paid off my credit card. I have one more year to pay off my car. My main fear in losing my job is of burning through the small nest egg I managed to accumulate.

cconz! My soul sista. Yes indeed, what about that dining room? I didn't take a picture of the part of the ceiling that had fallen down. The ceiling was also dotted with these metal things that were stablizing it. The innkeepers say that they got an estimate of $9000.00 to restore that ceiling. Ouch. The original price of that house in 1905: $20,000.00! Most people spend more on a car now.

Aside from everything else, I am working on a commission I have from Etsy. Someone bought one of my Christmas stockings, and she asked if I would make something similar for St. Patrick's day. Apparently it is a tradition of her grandmother that she wants to carry on. It seemed like such a cute idea, I said yes. What the hell was I thinking???  I did get myself down the cellar to sew this past weekend and I cranked out a stocking. Really, it is more of a patchwork sack. It was so much fun to make. Great to sew again, even though the cellar is so cold it is barely tolerable. I have the entire month to do another, so I should be OK. I'll post pictures when I can.

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